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Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising/NY
Producer - Kirsten Walther
Spot - Head & Shoulders Shampoo
Real People categories - Real Hair Stylists

Bernstein Rein Advertising

Producer(s) - Matt Faris, Tracey Davis, Susan Wallace, John Pace. - Several directors.
Main office located in Kansas City, Mo.
Spots - Wal-Mart
**Cast14 Spots from 2003 to 2004 **
Casting all over the country for various types people/families with occupations indigenous to there location such as,Volcanologists and Seismologists in WA., Forestry workers in OR, and all sorts of other occupations Stay at Home Dads, Firefighters, First time parents, Families w/ children of specific ages,
Children w/ handicaps, Real families that own and drive a Hummer. The list goes on and on....
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Krygier / Hirsckorn Productions UK
Producer - Hillary Caviness
Spot - Cadbury
Real People categories - Real Bikers, Real SWAT & Para military, Real Jewish Grandmothers, Real Elvis Impersonators, Real Cowboys, Real Construction Workers.
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Kranky Productions NY, NY.
Producer - Scott Boucher
Spot - Reebok
Real People categories - All Real, Both Professional & Competitive...
Soccer, Swimmers, Pro Baseball, Cross country, Real Hockey, Real Triathletes, Pro Motocross, Pro & College Football, Aerial Acrobats/Cirque du soleil, Kayakers, Pro Volleyball, Basketball, Martial Arts, Rock climbers, Pro Skiers, Pro Gymnasts, Pro Olympic Water Polo, Track and Field, Cyclists, Rugby, Dancers &
Choreographers, Tennis.

JGF -Jeff Gorman Films LA, Ca.
Producer - Lilly LaBonge
Spot - Fox Sports
Real People categories - Real Physical Therapists, Real Korean Boy

Kevin Sarnoff Productions LA, Ca.
Director - Kevin Sarnoff
Spot - Tabasco *nominated at Cannes, "Best Short List"*
Real People categories - Real Boxers
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JGF -Jeff Gorman Films LA, Ca.
Producer - Lilly LaBonge
Spot - Quiznos
Real People categories - Real Italian immigrants

JGF -Jeff Gorman Films LA, Ca.
Producer - Lilly LaBonge
Spot - IKEA
Real People categories - Real Korean couples, Real Japanese couples, Real Chinese couples, Real Thai couples

JGF -Jeff Gorman Films LA, Ca.
Producer - Lilly LaBonge
Spot - Halls Cough Drops
Real People categories - Real Russian men

Film Kitchen
Producer - Cat Sautter, Carlsbad, Ca.
Spot - SCAN Health Care ( Cast12 spots from 1999 to 2002)
Real People categories - Real Physicians, Real In-Home Health care providers, Seniors/members

Production Asylum
Producer- Cat Sautter Carlsbad, Ca.
Spot - Viejas
Real People categories- Native Americans

Producer- Cat Sautter Carlsbad, Ca.
Spot - LA Care
Real People categories - Real Wheel Chair Athletes, Real Pregnant Moms

Citizen Pictures
Producer Shawna Allred
Spot - Discovery Channel
Real People categories - Real OB/GYN, Real Mid Wives, Real Newborns

Untersee Film Inc. LA, CA.
Producer - Anita Marx
Spot - Ford
Real People categories - Real Sumo Wrestlers

Untersee Film Inc. LA, CA.
Producer - Anita Marx
Spot - Chevrolet
Real People categories - Real Firefighters, Real Rugby Players

Film Kitchen Inc. Long Beach, Ca.
Producer Cat Sautter Carlsbad, Ca.
Spot - Health Net
Real People categories - Real Athsmatic children

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